Kodiak, Alaska

Kodiak is an island that can be reached via air or sea. It is a 45 minutes travel by plane from Anchorage. The island is so pristine and the natural beauty has been preserved despite of the fast-moving world of technology. About 12 years ago, I first visited the place. My sister and her family lives there. Since then, up to the time I came back, there were quite some improvements: like paved and expanded highways and side streets, new and bigger eateries and souvenir shops, cruise ships carrying tourists are now having frequent trips to the island. But, what remained the same was the scenic view of the breathtakingly beautiful snow-capped mountains and the bodies of water enveloping the whole island. What an ideal place to re-charge and commune with Mother Nature!

During the next 5 days of my stay in Kodiak, it kept on raining, sometimes in heavy downpour, and windy. This was not the kind of vacation that I envisioned to be. But, the nasty weather did not keep me from going out and enjoy the day. Fully clad with thick parka hooded jacket, a cap, jeans, and rubber boots, I looked like a real Alaskan. Coming from the sunny California, I did not imagine myself to feel comfortable wearing this gear.

The crab festival was a blast! I feasted on king crab claws to my heart’s content. My sister prepared baked halibut and wild salmon. I also did get the chance to be up close and personal with a sea plane. Unfortunately, I was not able to take a ride and go whale watching. I was so scared to even try because of the gusty wind, rain, and fog. I also got the chance to go salmon fishing at Buskin River, but no luck. Perhaps the salmon did not want a Californian to catch them. My sister, her husband, and their two kids (my niece and nephew) took me to the places where I first visited 12 years ago. I felt so nostalgic.

My 5 days vacation in Kodiak, Alaska was worth-remembering. It kept playing in my mind, while I was sitting at the airport in Anchorage, waiting for my plane to take me back home to California. It will take years, before I will visit the place again, but the memories: nature at it’s best, will forever be etched in my heart.

-May 26, 2009-

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