Angel Wings

     My 8 years old “inaanak”(god-daughter) was already waiting for me when I arrived at the playground of St. Veronica’s Catholic School. It was their annual VIP/Grandparent’s Day.

     She submitted my name as the special person whom she wanted to be with, to celebrate this occasion. When I received the RSVP card, I, of course confirmed. That was one month ago…

     This morning, I was already at work, when my event calendar flashed an alarm. 20 minutes before the time. Today is the date…I forgot! I just finished with my morning staff meeting, and it’s a busy Monday. “Now, what will I do?” I have to be there. I managed to get permission from my Administrator to be away for at least 2 hours.

     The school is about 10 minutes drive from my work. I kept looking at my dashboard clock while driving. “I can do this. I can pull this through.” I kept talking to myself repeatedly. My mind was divided between driving and the thought of her, waiting and wondering whether I will show up or not. Then, one mishap happened…I missed my exit! Dang! It would be about a half mile drive to my next exit back, and it was already 10:00 A.M., the time I was supposed to meet her. Now, I’m driving faster than my guardian angel can fly.

     As soon as I parked in the school campus, I went to our meeting place. I saw her looking around with a worried facial expression. When I called her name: “Bianca!” her face suddenly lit up when she saw me, ran towards me, and gave me a hug.

     Inside the church, while the service was underway, she handed me a small card with her picture (and her brother’s. Both of them are attending school there). I just stashed it in my purse. After the church service, we had our picture taken. I then took her back  to her classroom, and drove back to work.

    During my break time, I took out the card from my purse to have a good look at it. What caught my attention was the message:

          Here’s a set of Angel wings,

          I’m giving them to you.

          I think that you have earned them,

          With all the things you do.

          You brighten up the days,

          And always seem to care.

          When someone needs a friend,

          They can always find you there.

          Angel wings are rare,

          And given only to a few.

          Reserved for Angels on earth,

          Special people just like you.

I was touched … and, it made the rest of my day!

-March 8, 2010-

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