HAIKU BEADS: MI Love Haiku Collection, and More (3)

dusk in Kyoto–

gazing at the street lights

a hundred views of the moon


 a year past–

his tracks I follow

our memory lane


 summer memories–

I gaze at the moon

as he gaze at my face



standing on the hill

the sky bows at horizon’s end


 fields of green–

your coming and going

forms a track up to my doorstep


 chilly morning–

her fingers wrap around

warm tea cup


 chilly morning–

heat lingers

as their bodies mold


 Saturday morning–

my eyes open

brewed hazelnut coffee


 step by step–

the bride marches

to her groom and new life


 autumn fog–

creeps over the water

as the waves rush to shore


 autumn chill–

her body arches

to mold his frame


 your picture, your profile–

will I, will I not

hit Enter?


 sitting by the hearth–

two pairs of eyes look

but do not see


 old photo album–

flipping each page

my mom smiles


 after the snow–

the sun’s rays frozen

on  pine branches


 overnight rain–

freeway 101

a parking lot


 evening rain–

a flash of lightning

two bodies mold as one


 his whispers–

touch my heart

with sensual joy


 two champagne glass–


as we savor our kisses


 two summers past–

fearful to commit

after divorce


 spring break–

first love, first kiss

my heart rumbling


 winter memories–

you bring warmth

my cold heart sets aflame


 snow covered path–

footprints melt

after a long wait


 spring morning–

the petals open

of your lips


 flock of geese

fly by

cerulean sky–


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