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“It’s Not Fair!”

This was perhaps what my bag…Yes! You read it right…my bag, silently screamed.

For years, every single day, that I drive to work, my favorite bag that I bring to work finds its comfortable and rightful place – in the front passenger side of my car.

Yesterday, a friend rode with me, and I let her sit in the front passenger side of my car. Naturally, and without second thought, I tossed my bag in the backseat to give that space to my friend to sit. After dropping her off, I headed to my work. As soon as I parked, I instinctively reached for my bag beside me…it was not there! It took me a while to remember…I tossed it at the back seat of my car, earlier. You may laugh at me, but the first feeling that caught me was…I was being insensitive. Yes, you may think I’m nuts, but that’s exactly what I felt. I was not over-reacting.

While I was walking out of the parking lot towards my office building, I was still feeling bad. I thought to myself I need to apologize. Oh, boy! Apologize? To who? To a bag? But then, realization finally dawned on me…it was not just about the bag. It was more of how we treat everything, and how we empathize with everybody’s feeling for that matter.

I believe you and I will agree on one thing: Never, ever take things, and most especially…People, for granted.



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