HAIKU BEADS: MI Love Haiku Collection, and More (4)

Sunday morning–

we share the news

headline and society pages


 Valentine’s day–

this phone should ring

before the cicadas sing


 Valentine roses–

hanging upside down

that’s all remained


this frosty morning–

our eyes meet, my heart missed-beat

your love keeps me warm


daisy petals fall–

he loves me, he loves me not

my heart keeps asking


star-studded clear sky–

you wave goodbye, yearning starts

until next week, here


seasons change, now spring–

your letters say you love me

will I wait for you?


 not a word spoken–

nestled in your loving arms

sensual joy, I feel


a bright new day–

brings comfort to weary hearts

this maiden’s smile


spring flower–

she will blossom

as season change


 married to Bhutan-

she opens her heart

with the tip of a pen


summer breeze-

she closes the chapter

her book of life


early morning dew-

waiting to drop

on a bowed leaf


soup kitchen-

the line winds around the corner

a winter morning ritual


thick afternoon fog-

enshroud my vision

where’s my exit?


one summer day-

grassy feather reaches out

together as one


November 27-

an inbox full

of birthday greeting


inbox full

of birthday greeting

where are the cards?


this winter-

the coldest

warm in your embrace


this Christmas-

where ever

with you


winter wind-

walking faster and faster

to nowhere, the drifter


in love-

fireburning in the sky

in my eyes, in my heart


fog and rain

left them at home

at work too?


April rain-

a parking lot

in the freeway


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