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Now, What?

 The waiting is over.
Well, folks…it’s 2012! Now, what?
Come to think of it. It was only yesterday that everybody (including me) were sooo in the excited, expectant mood waiting for the arrival of the new year.
The kitchen was the busiest part of the house so that food will be served in abundance as  family and friends gather at the table; grocery stores jacked up their sales of champagne and other varieties of wine (pardon me…I’m so ignorant when it comes to wines and spirits subject); and, Facebook and Twitter (perhaps) were the busiest sites where people all over the globe log on to, to send their greetings and messages. I’m just glad those sites did not crash.
The most popular place to be when celebrating new year is New York’s Times Square. I don’t need to expound, as most of you know the reason why. I haven’t been there though. This time I prefer to just stay at home and together with my daughter, we watched the celebrations via cable TV (they make good broadcasts, you know), while we ate pansit, fried chicken, fried Spam, steamed rice, and (believe it or not) warmed McGriddle from this morning’s breakfast and, drank chilled  Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider. Nice….
So, how do we make memories? Several years or decades from now, will we be able to recall the details of what happened during the eve of December 31, 2011, or on new year’s day 2012? Unless you have hyperthymesia, or have pictures to refresh your memory, I doubt it. So, here’s the thing: capture the moment. Be at the right place, at the right time.
This morning when I woke up,   I did not even realize that it’s January 1, 2012. Just like clock work, I exactly did the routine I have been doing everyday: I wake up in the morning and go to bed at night. And, borrowing the words of the author Elizabeth Gilbert, I “eat”, I “pray”, I “love” all the hours in between.

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