Driving through the country road
In my old and rundown Chevrolet,
I’m almost sure I can’t be where I want to be.
For my gas tank is almost empty, with but a few dollars
In my purse to pull me through my journey.
I stop along the side of the road, and
Forced my tired mind and body to decide.
Do I have a choice, or do I want a choice?
Ah, how long has it been?
The fingers in my hands are not enough to
Count the years of uncertainty.
A heart’s desire to find a home in so many places, and
I cannot fathom what makes me restless.
Faces of unfamiliar people, in some unfamiliar places,
Keeps playing in my mind, I can not seem to forget.
Somehow, this has to end…
Those vague pictures of smiling faces become distinct.
Journeys begin with goodbyes, but
Somewhere, there are always welcomes.
I will not hesitate to take my trip.






Like the powdery desert sand,
You fill up my hourglass so that time is not.
Like a soaring eagle in the vast valleys and planes, yet
Finds a home with me.
Like a pallet in a painter’s hand,
Splashed with myriad of colors that
Makes my world so bright.
Like the air that I breath,
You keep me alive.

Even if you touch me with your fingertips,
I could feel your whole body
Keeping me safe and warm from the cold.
You hold my heart in the palm of your hand.
Then, and only then I know, that the
Void inside me is filled with your love.
You are…Love.






I was there-
Ambivalence in her face I saw,
Battling between desire and uncertainty.
But, as she took her first step,
Everything was unleashed.
She floated, she danced.
Her hands, her body, her feet-
All in-synch with the music that
Only she hears in heart and soul.
Nothing mattered.
She still who she was, the
Silver Butterfly, now turned to Gold.






Bawat hampas ng alon
Sa baybayin ng nakatagong dagat,
ay aking binibilang.
Ngayong bukang-liwayway, ang
Ulap ay tinutunaw ng
Sinag ng araw ng bagong umaga.
Ang malayong panginurin, pilit
Inaabot ng aking panignin.
Ikaw, kahalintulad ng alon ay magbabalik
Sa dalampasigan ng aking puso.
Pag-asang pinaka asam-asam na
Makita mo ang daan pabalik, at
Sa mga umaga pang darating
Ating ma bigyan ng pagkakataon na
Maibalik ang ningning at tingkad ng
Kumupas na kulay ng pagmamahalan.






Mga musmos na pangarap at pangako,
Inukit sa kaibuturan ng ating puso.
Nagkalayo man, ikaw at ako’y nagsapalaran,
Mga pagsubok at balakid ating nalampasan.
Mga araw at gabi’ng hindi mabilang,
Dumaan na parang bula na ‘di mahawakan.
Nakaraang yugto ng ating buhay,
Sa mga pahina ng aklat nakahimlay,
Sa puso inaasam, binabalik-balikan.
Sa pag-ikot ng mundo na ating ginagalawan,
Tatsulok o parisukat mayroon pa ring hangganan.
Sundan mo ako sa kung saan man,
Pinagbuklod ng tadhana, ‘yan ang ating kapalaran.
At kung ang lahat ay matapos na,
Tatahakin natin ang landaus patungong kanluran,
Upang hintayin ang pagsibul ng araw
Ng bagong umaga sa dakong silangan.
Hawakan mo ang kamay ko,
Ikaw ay aking susundan.






Amid the oak trees beside a nearby brook,
In a time capsule made of trinket box
We buried treasures of childhood memories.
The last summer we spent together,
You carved our names…no, not our own
But just a figment of a child’s imagination.
As swift as a camera’s shutter in synch with its aperture,
Our captured summer memories frozen.
Then, I did not see you again…

Summers gone, winters turned into spring.
Wounds have healed with scars in my heart remained.
A devoid space between now and then
I still remember you, can’t help wondering.
A sage once told me-
Whoever is he,
Face the truth, make a choice…
A dream is your reality.

Back in the woods, I found myself again.
With my precious little boy in tow,
Mark of footprints I follow.
I just can’t fathom,
A force that drives me to continue is so strong,
To tread along that unmarked yet unforgotten trail
That leads me to that old oak tree
And to you, waiting for me.




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