Rx: 1 Episode of Laughter Daily and PRN

MFEO (Made For Each Other)

Three women, engrossed in a conversation to pass a lazy afternoon, in a cafe:

Woman # 1: “I still could vividly remember my first date. I was walking with Sam (her husband) in the park. He took my hand and tangled his fingers with mine. When I looked down, my heart missed a beat…I could not identify which fingers were his, and which were mine. I then knew, we were meant for each other.”

Woman # 2: “I was sure that Robert will be the right man for me, whom I will spend the rest of my life with, when one special night, he took me in his arms and hugged me. I was so close to him, that I could hear our hearts beating as one.”

Woman # 3: With the intention not to be left out, she coyly recounted: “It was our honeymoon night. Kevin was so romantic, he started kissing me passionately. We got carried away, and before we knew, both our dentures flew off our mouth, landing in different directions. When we retrieved them, at that moment, we could not identify which denture was his, and which one was mine.”

(This is just a product of the writer’s imagination)

-Jan. 17, 2009-

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