HAIKU BEADS:MI Love Haiku Collection (2)

Saturday morning–

I wake up alone

a smell of after shave


 in your arms

I fell asleep

crescent moon–


 autumn leaves–


as the torn love letter


 this ring–

the one who gave me

too far away


 in my dream–

i wake up beside you

our anniversary


 thunder clap–

nestled in your arms

I feel secured


 after nine months–

I hold our child

in your embrace


 summer break–

I pack my bags

to be with him


 summer moon–

I lean on your chest

after a long absence


 Harbor View–

I meet my love

to fulfill a promise


 ballroom dance contest–

he kisses my lips

before we tango


 Sunday at the mall–

he waits for her

and saw his wife


 spring morning–

parting at the bus stop

to meet again



she still feels his kiss

warm on her lips


 whirlwind romance–

she wears his ring

all these fifty years


 a long embrace–

he looks at her

yearning gone


 my eyes tearing–

waiting for your return

spring pollen


 spring breeze–

I smell Old Spice

are you there?


 field of flowers–

walking with my love

is it sunset?


 sound of thunder–

drawns his whisper

of “goodbye”


 fifty years–

he and she, dancing

to life’s rhythm


 summer camp–

we exchange smiles

and phone numbers


 Saturday morning–

I wake up

the sun’s rays kissing my cheeks



too long forgotten

my love, here to stay


 spring morning–

I wake up in his arms

after our argument


 for one minute–

his kisses, in rhythm

with our heartbeat


 misty morning–

i climb the steep hill

his sailboat now in view


 Pacifica coast sunset–

i see only orange glow

as minutes trickle


 summer sunset–

I feel your palms

warm in mine


Comments on: "HAIKU BEADS:MI Love Haiku Collection (2)" (2)

  1. Charlotte Rains said:

    So beautiful my friend! No one could say so much in so few words. A perfect picture in in each three lines.

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