HAIKU BEADS: MI Love Haiku Collection (1)

this new year’s eve–

I wait for next year

one champagne glass


 new year’s day–

I sit on the couch

a scent of Old Spice


 new year’s day–

she looks around

her thoughts elsewhere


 winter night–

his soft whisper

warms my body


 winter night–

warm bodies shift

to right, to left


 past midnight–

I toss and turn

wedding dress on the wall


 red carnation

I see it now

in his lapel


 winter morning–

she sits by the window

snow covered tire tracks



thin mist touches my face

at Sagada greenfields


 winter’s end

his promises burried

in deep snow


 lying side by side

tangled fingers understand

quiet moonless night–


 on bended knees

he asks for her hand

spring flowers in bloom


 mid summer night–

he looks up

her shadow on tinted glass


 his and her body

mold as one

old Spanish guitar–



warm lips touched my face

his shadow moving away



his rhythmic breathing i feel

on my nape


 Valentine’s day–

red rose on my pillow

after he’s gone


 Valentine’s day–

one by one she touches

five red roses


 last train ride–

he goes home yearning

for her embrace



I watch him come

in hurried strides


 after long winter–

following the stony path

I see him coming


 from Afghanistan–

he caresses me

his rifle forgotten


 her wedding day–

marching with mom

where’s dad, she wonders?


 city lights–

he looks back with no regrets

country road in view



not leaving home

he cooks, I sing


 half of my heart

keeps beating

in your grave


 you asked, I answered

sealed with a kiss

and a ring–


 this feeling–

until I met you again

in my heart, all along


 all these fifty years–

I follow

your lead


 spring rain–

he shows up dripping wet

on our first date


 Central park–

her head on his shoulder

horse-drawn carriage


 sharing with you–

two scoops of ice cream

in one cone


 Half Moon Bay–

she says her vows

his eyes smile


 used to sleep alone

she toss and turn

wedding night–


 waiting for you

our daughter and me



Comments on: "HAIKU BEADS: MI Love Haiku Collection (1)" (4)

  1. Great poems, such wonderful imagery and sentiments. You’ve really mastered this technique.

    • I’m glad that you were able to browse the contents of my blog, especially my Haiku collection. Thank you for the positive comment. Now, I will be more inspired to write some more.
      I hope to see you again here. Have a great day,


  2. Charlotte Rains said:

    So very beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes.

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