Like vultures flapping their wings,
Angry waves kept on coming.
For dear life he kept on fighting,
But the sea, his body was claimed.

He was the love of her life,
She, a beacon and his guide.
A cabin by the shore that was their home,
Now, it is hers all alone.

In her years of solitude,
The cabin was her only refuge.
Sitting at the table overlooking the shore,
She wrote her story, ever to be told.

The bittersweet memories she silently kept,
Her beloved still swaddling her, to protect.
His love feeds her soul each passing day and night,
She was not alone, and yes! she survived.

And after that storm in her life,
A ray of hope is gleaming in the sky.




I know Him so well.
 cling to Him
When I feel like falling.
He wipes away my tears
When laughter turns to crying,
He makes me stronger when I am weaker,
He gives me hope
When all else fail.
He is the reason why I live,
Why I feel life each day.
He walks beside me
Even carries me.
He is my path, my way.




Up in the attic one summer day,
Old musical sheets I happen to see.
Stashed away and forgotten,
Oh, how long has it been?
Inside my head memories kept on repeating
When you and I formed a bond,
Beautiful music bloomed like early spring.
But too soon you bid goodbye never to return,
In melancholy, I stopped writing our song.

Stay with me my love, if only in my dream
Let me feel your touch, keep my heart aflame.
As I pick up from the last note,
Inspire me my darling, and the
Melody will reveal the
Essence of a sweet refrain.
I don't aim to write a song, like
Rodrigo's concerto or Tchaikovsky's symphony
All my heart's desire is to keep your memory.
Through every lyrics and melody,
A legacy, I dedicate to you from me.

(updated: 02.13.2016)



Do not feel disheartened my dear,
Do not let me see you shed a tear.
Be the brave girl that you are,
Show me sparkling eyes and a smile.

I have to eave and be away,
To another corner of the world.
From where I am,
My night is your day.

I may not be near you,
Not close enough to hug you,he Nor be there to put you to sleep
With a story of the frog and the princess.
Yet your favorite lullabye will remain,
In your heart and mine, we'll still sing.

When I see a shooting star,
I wish that even we're miles apart
Underneath the same moon,
I feel you close to my heart
As the moonbeam lights, the
Darkness of the night.




As I walked along a street one day,
Out came a boy from an alley.
Tattered clothes covering
His thin and wasting body,
I wondered if he has a home or a family.
How many more 
Unfortunate children there may be?
Roaming around, and
A burden to society.
What will be their future,
Can anyone see?
It's not their choice
To be born into poverty.

If only 
We give a fraction of what we have,
If only
We reach out and guide them to the right path.
If only 
We open our hearts and give meaning to love
There might be a chance
There might be a way-
If only...

- Lark-
(updated: 7.8.2016



Vivid pictures flashed in my mind,
Not obscured by the passing of time.
Images so distinct, that
Forgetting is near to impossible.

The song that I sang with you,
The love poems that we read out loud,
The slow dance that we moved as one,
The places where we have been.

We walked along the trail,
Under the canopy of redwoods.
You by my side,
While we watched the sunrise.
By the shore, we watched the sunset,
While the waves danced at our feet.

Time after time, day after day,
There is no other place I'd rather be.
Wherever life's journey will take me,
As long as it is just you and me.
Profoundly, in my vision-
That's how it is, and always will be.


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