It Could Happen To You

     I was quite hesitant to leave the house to go to my Saturday get-a-way, as I have been watching TV, following the update of the tsunami that would possibly hit Hawaii and the Pacific Basin. But, I don’t want to miss my week-end routine, to be at Barnes and Noble, so I went anyway.

     A few minutes after I got settled with my journal and books, along with my favorite Starbucks grande soy white mocha and sourdough Asiago pretzel, my cell phone rang. It was a call from my sister in Kodiak. She told me about the news, and she was concerned because Kodiak island where she and her family lives, will possibly be within the path of the tsunami.

     While talking on my cellphone, I subconsciously placed my hand on my waist belt and felt only the holster of my phone. “Where is my phone? Did I misplace it?” I suddenly panicked. As I continued to listen to her talks from the other end of the line, I was already rummaging my back pack, and checking the pockets of my jacket. No phone… I could not concentrate with our conversation, so I finally ended it.

     It was then, I realized… Dang! All the while, I was using the phone! I don’t know what has gotten on to me. Was I getting confused, or just pre-occupied, that I failed to tie up the equation: call = phone = answer = talk. I laughed at myself. But this is not a joke… It happened to me, it could happen to you.

-Feb. 27, 2010-

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