Sonata Of Love

“Jonathan, you do realize that all eyes are on us, right? This makes me uncomfortable, and I hope I will not step on your toes.” Melody whispered as they danced in a room full of family and guests in Natalie’s wedding. Jonathan smiled and spoke in his melodic voice. “Relax. First of all, they are not looking at us. Their eyes are focused on me. Second of all, they are thinking, he is a lucky man who gets to dance with this beautiful woman. So, let’s give them the best prize for what their curiosity’s worth, shall we?”  With that, he gently eased her closer  to him, and they slow danced to Matt Monro’s ballad.

Jonathan Lombardi is a successful and famous concert pianist. Melody Johnson is a nurse and the Executive Director of a plush Senior Living Facility, where Jonathan and Natalie’s mother resides. They only met casually a couple of times before, when Jonathan visited his mother, after returning home from his busy concert tours in Europe and Asia.

When his mother became ill and has to be hospitalized, Jonathan and his sister were at her bedside at the hospital, and when she came back to the facility. Jonathan cancelled his upcoming concert schedule to be with his mother; thus he sees Melody everyday. As the days went by, their constant meeting brought them closer together and came to know each other more; recognizing that they share the same passion in music genre, their likes of the same food, and have read the same books.

Melody has always been on close guard with her emotions since her break up with Lucas 3 years ago. But much as she wanted to ward off the idea, she is beginning to realize that she is feeling more emotionally involved with Jonathan. However, because of his international fame and stature, she feels that she does not belong in his social circle, and it is a remote possibility that he will have any romantic inclination towards her. And then, there is the beautiful Ludmilla, the famous mezzo-soprano who has been rumored to be his girlfriend. Getting involved with Jonathan Lombardi will be another heartbreak looming in her horizon, and she could not allow that to happen. The sooner she distances herself, the better for her to protect her vulnerable heart.

Not seeing Jonathan for almost two months, as he was on concert tour in London and Italy helped her to forget him, as she put her life back to where it was. But when she arrived at her office one Monday morning, her assistant handed her a glossy envelope. It was an invitation to Natalie’s wedding, which will be in four weeks. She did not want to attend; for sure, Jonathan will be there. Meeting him again, after months of playing hide and seek, will be an emotional catastrophe. She was compelled however, to say yes, when Natalie called her, insisted that she attend the ceremony, and will not take no for an answer.

So, here she is, among the two hundred or so guests in Natalie’s wedding. When she side glanced, she saw Jonathan talking to some guests, looking so handsome in a tuxedo that perfectly fit his frame. Her heart skipped a bit when their eyes met. He could not tear his eyes away once he saw her. She looks stunning in her off-the-shoulder royal blue gown that flawlessly follow the contour of her slim body. Jonathan started to move towards her, and in a split second, he was standing in front of her. Timely, Matt Monro’s song filled the room. They danced, and once she was in the circle of his arms, for the first time in a long time, she feels that she is ready to take a chance to open her heart again, and let love walk in.

When the song “You’re Closer To Me” ended, Jonathan slowly eased Melody away from the crowd towards the terrace. He held her close, then cupped her face and looked at her with tender loving eyes. His words were full of passion: “I give my heart to you, the only woman I love. The one who inspires me to write the melody of the best sonata that consumes my whole being, and shall play on and on as long as we live.” As they shared the most endearing kiss, Jonathan and his music fills her heart and echoes in her soul.



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