Return To Rose Point

As she sat on the wrought iron chair at Rose Point Botanical Garden, the last words of Bernard keeps repeating in her mind. “Love changes people; even those who do not believe in destiny.” Does this mean anything and has a great impact in her life and future, now that she will be making the most difficult decision?

Since she graduated from California School f Botany and Biology, Autumn Rose has been the site Administrator of Rose Point Botanical Garden in San Francisco, Ca. Bernard Marchand was an exchange student from France, studying BSBA Degree in Marketing at UCSF. They met in this beautiful place two years ago, in spring. They became friends, and soon fell in love.

There were so many happy and sad memories that both of them created in this garden. This was where Bernard first kissed her; where she cried on Bernard’s shoulder when she was in despair and disappointed when the hybrid rose that she propagated did not thrive as she expected; and when she said “yes” when Bernard proposed asked her to spend their future together. The future…when and where will it be? Truth of the matter is, both of them refrained from seriously thinking and planning about it, although they knew that Bernard would eventually go back to Bordeaux, France to manage his family owned vineyard and winery. They promised to cross that bridge when the time comes. But for now, they want to spend time together, and be happy.

The inevitable time came. Bernard needs to go back home. The finance and marketing manager of the vineyard resigned, and there was no one to take his place. Delaying his trip back home to take over the management could jeopardize the business, and will suffer financial setback. Bernard could not let that happen, let alone sell the property, as this vineyard and winery has been in his family for three decades.

Autumn decided not to send him off. Saying goodbye at the airport was the hardest to bear. They already said their goodbyes the night before, and promised to keep in touch everyday. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and months into a year. Their communication dwindled, and in Autumn’s mind and heart, their relationship could come to an end. She could no longer remember when was the last time Bernard called her, and could not think of the reason of his silence. Her calls have not been answered nor returned. Autumn was torn between hope and letting go. In the end, although it breaks her heart, she has come up to a difficult decision. She will write a letter to Bernard. It is better to end the relationship now rather than later.

Spring is in the air. Autumn finds solace in this beautiful garden, as always. This is where her haven of peace and quiet. She could smell the scent of each flower in bloom as the gentle breeze is blowing. Sitting alone on her favorite wrought iron chair in this same spot of the garden, she retrieved the letter from her purse. For the last time, she wanted to re-read what she wrote, before she seals the envelope and mail it to Bernard. Halfway through the letter, Autumn took a deep breath. A familiar scent reached her nose. She turned around to see where it’s coming from. She could not believe her eyes; blinked twice, to make sure that she is not dreaming. It is real, as standing close, is a smiling Bernard, holding a bouquet of her favorite red roses. He sat beside her, then hugged and kissed her. Her Bernard is back! As he handed her the bouquet, a ring tied in a bow dropped on her lap. As he slipped it on her finger, he looked at her with love mirrored in his eyes, and said: “no sides and no end…as my love for you, an everlasting one.” Autumn cupped his face, and kissed him tenderly. Everything around them became bright and colorful…just like heaven o earth.



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