I am not a poet or somebody of that sort…not even close. I wish I am. I JUST WRITE!
When I was invited to join an on-line Poetry Group, I got excited because as what the creator/main administrator said (and I quote) “this is where they can share their beautiful piece of poetry in any particular form or genre, written in great beauty, emotional sincerity, and profound insight on life.”
Wow! I said to myself, this is a site that I am free to share the articles that I wrote over the years, that has been archived in my old, crinkled, and pathetic-looking red book.

I’m a spontaneous writer. My inspiration comes from what I see or hear, from a word or phrase in a book that I read, or from a song that I listen to; practically from anything that catches my eyes, mind and imagination. I was not schooled nor have attended any seminars or workshops. I just write what I feel and feel what I write.

In my professional career as a nurse, I am bound to follow regulations and policies, to the letter, in black and white. There is no room for complaining because that’s how it is. But don’t get me wrong…I love being a nurse, and I can’t think of another profession that I can do at my best.

I find solace in writing poetry or essays. It keeps me away from this structured and regimented situation, because when I write, I don’t give a damn(pardon my French) whether I follow the rules (i don’t even have the slightest clue what the rules are) of poetry writing, or not. Again, I just write! And dang! It feels good! It feels good to express in words what I feel. Having that feeling of freeing myself, and drowning myself with words that is downloaded in my brain like it is connected to a wifi or a 4G network…it’s so amazing, I could taste it in my mouth.


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