Every single day, we just don’t know how every situation unfolds. Some days are good, some days are…not so good.

As it is a common practice of courtesy in  our facility, when we see a new face, be it a visitor or a family member standing in the front lobby seemingly waiting for something or somebody, we usually ask them “have you been helped?”  so that we could direct them to where they want to go, or who they want to see. Almost often, we receive a positive response. A smile to express their gratitude, and the words “thank you” make our hearts burst with a sense of fulfillment, knowing that we are able to make their visit as wholesome as possible.

This morning, was one of those not so good days.

As part of my morning routine before going to our daily scheduled stand-up meeting, I made my initial rounds to check on our residents and staff. Everything was in order. No report of unusual incidents within the past 24 hours.

When I passed by the front lobby, I saw two people, a man and a woman, sitting on the sofa. Both of them were dressed in formal clothes, as if they were on their way to a special gathering. With a nice smile and a cordial tone of voice, I approached them, and said our usual mantra: “Good morning. Have you been helped?”  The woman looked at me,  scanned my whole stature from head down to my feet, and answered: “Yes, we’re just waiting for my Mom. She’s being dressed up and getting ready. We’re picking her up to attend a funeral service”. I was glad that the staff took care of this important task of preparing our resident, and getting ready for their family occasion.

But then…the mood of the day turned 180 degrees, when the lady added these words: “Make sure to let everybody know why we’re here, coz you are the fifth person who asked that!” I was taken off-guard, but still managed to smile, and answered: “Ok” then turned to walk away.


-Lark-                                                                                                                                                        03.31.2011

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