February 14 – Valentine’s Day! “So what?”

When you start reading this, perhaps you will simply raise your eyebrows and ask: “Why the attitude?” Well, I just want to state a punch line so you will continue reading.

But before anything else, lower your eyebrows and let’s brainstorm a little bit about this issue. What is so special about this particular day? Why is it that people, young or old, mark this day in their calendar, with a red heart or with two hearts pierced in the middle by an arrow? The resounding answer that you and I will agree is: It is a Special Day of Love! Really?

Let’s see if we can shed light to a lot of questions on facts about Valentine’s Day. Let’s dig deeper…

The two most important iconic characters that stick to our minds are: St.Valentine and Cupid. Ok, let’s try to dissect each one of them.

Who is Valentine?

Thanks to Google, I was able gather some information about the origin of Valentine’s Day, and about this guy – Valentine. There are different stories about the origin of Valentine’s Day. But the one that I could think of as an appropriate scenario, was about a priest named Valentine, believed to be romantic at heart. He was put to death on February 14, due to his defiance to the mandate of the Roman Emperor: “not to perform marriage to Roman soldiers”. Through the years, February 14 has become a tradition as the special day of writing and exchanging messages of Love. There you go, folks…St. Valentine and February 14 has a clear and acceptable link.

What about Cupid?

Ah, Cupid! My own personal vision of Cupid is that he’s that mischievous, chubby, cute little winged boy who wears diaper, and carries a bow and arrows. Again, thanks to Google, I was able to know him more. (Or, have I?)

If I go with ancient Greek mythology, he was the son of Aphrodite. If I go with Roman mythology, he was the son of Venus. He was known as the God of Love. As I followed the Roman story, Cupid fell madly in love and married a beautiful woman named Psyche. They even had a daughter.

Now, I’m getting confused…which bring me to this question: Was Cupid a grown man? Or, was he that chubby, mischievous boy with wings, that you and I conceived him to be? This is surreal, isn’t it?

Myth or not, Valentine and Cupid will forever be the inspiration of Love. As the defiance of Valentine, and as the story of Cupid, we can conclude that Love is a feeling or perhaps a “state of being”, so unfathomable. Falling in love, being in love, and staying in love is mysterious in every way, felt by each and every person. You and I have our own way of experiencing and expressing it. Let February be the month to rekindle Love, and let it dwell within us everyday.

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