White Streaks

     Unlike any other evenings, this particular time, it took me longer than my usual routine bathroom escapade before going to bed. It could be that I’m in no haste to slip between the sheets and enjoy the comfort of my bed, and grab that most needed sleep. After all, I don’t need to wake up early; it’s my 2 days off from work.

     While I was leisurely brushing my hair, I suddenly paused , as I saw something different… in-between my raven-colored tresses, there were few strands of white sticking out. My eyeballs almost popped out from their socket. “It’s white! I have white hairs. When did this happen?” Not that I don’t want to have white hairs…eventually, I would have. But, this discovery came to me as a surprise.

     “Oh, well… no big deal.” I told myself as I went to bed. As I was dozing off, those white hairs came back to my mind, and just like an ignition key, it triggered to fire up the engine of my imagination. Suddenly, my whole life flashed: my past, my present, and my future. Where was I four decades ago, and where would I be in the next three or four decades? As I traced the road that I traversed; my personal and professional life had gone through a myriad of events: successes and failures.

     But, if I would be given a choice on how to live my life again, I would never change any bit of it. Those past experiences that I went through, honed me to be who, what, and where I am now. And the future? Well, I’ll just let it take care of itself, as I know I’m on the right path.

     I pulled my bedcover, snuggled between the sheets and had a peaceful, restful sleep.

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  1. Very deep so deep, you have really executed and made use what you know in English literature during our high school days. Everybody from our classmates knew that English was my most hated subject and I have to make alibi or escape just to be able to avoid it. If only I can go back from the past I will learn that just to compete with you? It’s there already and I should stop from asking why cause I know its really a big fault I’ve committed to myself.
    Back to you, I really admire your determination and your ability where what you are now. It’s too late for me to refine myself where I did it already. With the lapses of my life, to repeat it again, did not happen when I try to impose strict guidance to my children where the are now all successful (no need to elaborate what course) masscom lang naman yung panganay ko, my second daughter is a manager of a casino while my youngest want to hit his ambition to become a filmaker (I’ll show you part of his practice taken from the movie Pirates if the Carribean)
    I’m happy that you still recognize me, I thought it was the end of our friendship since you kept on avoiding me during those days of my hardheadedness. Sorry uli ha, nag sorry na rin ako sa mga classmate natin.

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