One Child At A Time

     Ever wondered how twenty dollars can make a difference?

     In 1994, I mailed my first twenty dollar check to Fr. Flanagan’s Boys Town, in Nebraska. Every now and then, I receive letters from this non-profit organization, with a “Thank You” card to acknowledge the amount I sent. I felt good every time I read an enclosed success story of a young boy or girl whose life was changed, from being an unfortunate “street kid” abandoned and abused, and now living a good decent life and facing a bright future.

    Being named as an Honorary Citizen of Boys Town, and although I have not been there, I felt a strong bond connecting me with these children. A meager amount I had been sharing, is nothing compared to the hard work and dedication of Fr. Flanagan since 1917, and when he died in 1948, his successors continued his legacy.

     “He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother”: the motto of Boys Town, depicts a picture of love, caring, and responsibility. That, if we help one child in need, it makes a big difference in his/her life… and ours.

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