When Fate and Love Collide

How long ago has it been?

Thirty minutes before 9:00 A.M. Dr. Zeth Gellert walked hastily on the cross walk to beat the rid light at the intersection near his office building in downtown San Francisco. On this Monday morning, he needs to be at the office at least 30 minutes before the scheduled conference to set up his prepared presentation and finalized plan for his company’s next project. Zeth accepted the position offered as a senior adviser for the second largest non-profit organization in the continental US, coordinating and scheduling medical missions in different parts of the underprivileged countries around the globe. The outreach programs “Operation Restore Smile”, performs surgery to children with cleft lip and palate, and “Healthy Living Focus” which educate and assist families on disease prevention and healthy diet.

Six years ago, Zeth took over his father’s medical practice in his small hometown in rural Ohio. He loves taking care of the medical needs of the community, but much as he wanted to convince himself to settle, his restless heart is not totally in tune in this line of medical practice, that’s why when he received an unexpected call from his former colleague and co-worker, he decided to pack up his suitcase and relocated to San Francisco, CA. In the near future, he hopes to again, travel overseas to participate in such an honorable and fulfilling mission…just like the old times.

While waiting for the arrival of the 10 members of a team of doctors and nurses who were scheduled to be deployed overseas, Zeth’s mind circled back some 6 years ago, when he was a volunteer doctor along with other medical professionals, in a rural area in northern Philippines. However, his last rotation overseas was cut short when he received an emergency phone call from his sister that their father died due to heart attack. He rushed back to the US, stayed, and practiced community medicine.

As the volunteers arrived in the conference room, Zeth saw a familiar figure among the group. Amber! She was among them! Suddenly, his whole body became numb and his heartbeat was racing. How could he forget Dr. Amber Gleason? They were partners in every medical mission overseas, which later on, found emotional and physical compatibility; even had plans for their future together. But everything changed after that last night they were together, when Zeth went back to the US, with no formal and final goodbyes. Although beset with questions of how, why, and what if’s not one of them had the courage and drive to try any means to get in touch with each other.

Amber could not believe her eyes when she came face to face with Zeth. How could she ever forget that familiar face of the only man she gave her heart to, the only man who until now occupies her mind, heart and whole being; the man who is the father of her 5 year old son, Andrew.

Through all the past years, Zeth and Amber have each developed wings that made their dreams fly and both their careers as medical doctor somehow thrived under different circumstances of their choosing. Whatever happened in the past, there will always be a reason for two people to find each other again, when fate and love collide. From here on, as long as Zeth and Amber are together, beautiful music will continue to play as they dance in synch, to the rhythm of life’s challenges in a home where their hearts belong.



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