While driving to work this morning, I glanced at my rear view mirror to check for cars behind me. The lady driver of the car following me was talking and gesturing with one hand while driving. I thought she was talking to herself, or singing, or maybe on the phone. But as I looked once more, I noticed a brown dog sitting on the passenger side. “She’s talking to a dog?” I got curious. This was an unusual scene to me and I could not help myself, but to constantly glance at my rear view mirror. The next time I was tempted to look, the dog was facing the lady driver, its mouth open and seemed to be moving. “Huh?” Was there a conversation going on between the two?” I smiled in amusement. I could not get my eyes off to what I was seeing, I wanted to see what’s next to happen between the two if them. And, there it was…the dog’s forelegs was resting on the lady driver’s shoulder as if hugging her, and both their heads glued close to each other. “Wow! Finally they seemed to settle whatever issue they were discussing!” I could not erase the smile on my face all throughout my drive to work.

It’s a good thing I was passing through the side streets, not on the freeway, that I had the luxury of watching what was behind me, and still mindful as to where I was going. If I almost miss my exit, it didn’t matter at all…I saw a simple display of raw emotion. I was a witness to a bond; yet another proof of an unconditional love that existed between a canine: man’s best friend, and a human being.


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