When I was very young, I wanted to be like the famous Philippine movie actress Susan Roces, when I grow up. But I could not get myself to cry on cue. Moreover, I could not project a beautiful face when I’m crying. So instead, I ended up to be a Director of Nursing.

Why am I telling you this? It is because, as we grow older, our priorities in life change. Our ambition and career vision gets even more vivid and focused. This is the factual reality of life. As a saying goes: “the only constant in life is change”. Everything changes. Our weight, height, body structure, marital status, job preferences, location, mental and emotional capabilities, even our daily outlook in the kind of situation we are in.

But…the one sure thing that could never change in me, is my being an Aklanon. I have spread my wings and flew to different distant places, adopted and followed different cultures, even became a citizen of another country. But, just like a homing pigeon, I always fly back to Lezo, Aklan, my nesting ground, where I first learned how to chirp, hop, and flop my wings with confidence.


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