Code Blue

     April 2, 2010  – Good Friday, was no ordinary day at work. My exciting day started as soon as I put down my briefcase and purse on my table, I heard from the over head paging system: CODE BLUE, to room 22, three times. This is our signal for a medical emergency: somebody is in distress, or stopped breathing, or a cardiac arrest.

     I ran towards the said location, and so did the nurses on duty. Each one responded with precision, knowing what to do in case of emergency. While I was at the bedside assessing the patient’s condition, I called out: “Code Status?” Somebody answered: “Full Code.” The Emergency CPR Cart was already wheeled near the bedside, someone was checking the vital signs, another nurse started Oxygen inhalation, and while I initiated CPR with another nurse, yet another nurse called 911. The patient resumed breathing and cardiac function was restored when the paramedics arrived.

     Three days later, we received the patient back from the acute care hospital. Yes, she is already old, but she surely deserves to be given the chance to live, she deserves to have a quality of life as everyone else.

     With team work among professional nurses who have the knowledge and ability to respond in case of emergency, a life was saved.

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