It’s my day off from work, today.

     In my mind, I have already lined up the things that I will do at home, and the errands I have to make. The first one in my list: to send money to the Philippines, for my daughter’s allowance. I left the house early.

     My first stop was the remittance office. When I stepped inside, I could see that it is a busy morning. There were quite a few people in line, and all the clerks in the counter were attending to clients, to process their transactions. Balikbayan boxes occupied most of the floor space, up to near the area of the customer’s counter.

     After about 10 minutes of waiting, and was done with my turn, I stepped back from the counter, and turned to leave. Unfortunately, I overlooked one big box, and hit my left foot. I was thrown off-balance, and the next thing I knew, I was kneeling with both hands planted on the floor to hold me up. All eyes were simultaneously focused towards me, as one lady asked: “are you alright?”  “I hope nothing’s broken”, I heard another man spoke as he came towards me, to help me up. “I’ve been telling them not to put those boxes there”, said one lady in the counter.

     I could feel extreme tingling sensation on my left knee and pain on my right shoulder, but managed to smile and gather my strength to lift myself up from the floor. “I’m ok”, I said. I tried to maintain my poise as I leave the office. I’m positive, I will spend the days ahead nursing my painful shoulder and my left knee will show abrasions and maybe, a big bruise.

     Inside my car, as I recollect the incident, and as I gather my composure, I came to ask myself: “What is more painful? A bruised knee, or a bruised ego?”

-Feb. 25, 2006-

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