You Are Invited

Dear Friends:

Long has been my desire to create my own blog, but there seem not a real good reason to do so. I had been asking myself: What will I write? What kind of content/topic that is worth publishing? Would I be able to regularly update my blog? Moreover, keeping a blog will take extra time from my already busy schedule. So, I put it off, until I totally forgot about it.

Just recently, while I was having a casual conversation with one of my friends at work, she pitched in the idea of creating a blog. She told me that in as much as I am writing poems and other forms of literary articles, why not create a blog where I can post them. Huh! that long lost desire came back to me…why not?

So, here it is, my friends; I just hope that every article, be it an essay or a poem posted here, will be worth-reading. Please don’t hesitate to give your comments. It will be well taken in a positive manner. You are all invited to browse. Enjoy…

Your friend,


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  1. My dearest Mila,

    I’m very happy for you. I have long believed that if we we want to do something and find time for it, there will always be time. This is very inspiring. I think I’ll do the same thing, hahaha! Actually, I have already posted my blogs on line as early as 2008 as subscriber to, likewise in multiply and yahoo pulse asia. But it’s much better if we create our own, right? Go, go, go my friend, life is an exciting world of endless possibilities for those who dare and most especially for those who believe they can.

    • Arwena,
      Thank you for such inspiring thoughts. I agree with you all the way. Let me be the first to go and browse, as soon as you have created you blogsite. As what you you’ve said…go, go, go, my friend. By the way, check out my updated post “Proud To Be An Aklanon” . I uploaded our pictures taken during the Awarding of Outstanding Aklanons.

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